Vision and Values

چشم اندازها و ارزش های پتروکیان
چشم اندازها و ارزش های پتروکیان

Vision :

To be a significant player in mineral oil industry, fulfill market demands and compete with imported products


Teamwork : To provide ample learning opportunities, to support one another goals and progress, to achieve highest productivity, to reduce deadline stress, to satisfy customers’ requirements

Continuous Improvement:

Strive to improve across the company, to be passionate about achieving results that exceed customers’ expectations, to explore novel and practical solutions to solve company and customers’ challenges and needs

Integrity :

To be honest with ourselves and customers, to meet highest ethical standards, to keep our words and expect our customers to keep their words, to encourage a culture of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption

Commercial Focus :

To concentrate on building productive, collaborative, trusting and beneficial relationships with governments, other companies, our customers and our communities

Social Responsibility:

To create a clean, safe and healthy workplace

To support youth employment

To attract Iranian experts from other countries

To support initiative which arise social awareness